PhD Candidate | Georgia Tech


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I explore social requirements for mental health AI technologies from patients’ and clinicians’ perspectives. Currently, I am working with mental health clinicians and patients with schizophrenia to learn how we can better present algorithmic decisions during consultations. Based on this human-centered design approach, I would like to contribute to clinically meaningful and ethical AI technologies in mental health care.

I am co-advised by Dr. Munmun De Choudhury and Dr. Gregory Abowd at Georgia Tech. During my PhD, I undertook research internship at Meta and Mayo Clinic.

Research areas: Human-AI Interaction, Digital Mental Health


May 2023 - I completed my one-year visiting scientist role at Psychiatry Research at Northwell Health. I will continue collaborating with my mentor Dr. Michael Birnbaum and other stellar researchers!  

Oct 2022 - Our paper “Discussing Social Media During Psychotherapy Consultations: Patient Narratives and Privacy Implications” is accepted at PACM-HCI (CSCW). I will present this paper at CSCW 2023.  

Sep 2022 - A scoping review paper regarding social media based mental health interventions is published in Internet Interventions. I’m so happy to see this fruitful result from my collaboration with clinical researchers at Northwestern!