Assistant Professor

Kent State University

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My research focuses on creating a patient-centered approach to artificial intelligence (AI) in mental health. While there is much excitement about the potential of AI to offer more objective, accessible, and personalized treatments in mental health, the current research landscape often overlooks the invaluable perspectives of patients. By actively seeking and integrating these perspectives, we can develop AI tools that not only better meet patient needs but also address critical ethical considerations such as transparency, fairness, and autonomy. My work aims to explore these patient perspectives and establish guidelines for patient-centeredness in the development and application of mental health AI.  

Pursuing this research focus, I serve as an Assistant Professor in the School of Information and a member of the Brain Health Research Institute and the Neurodiversity Research Initiative at Kent State University.  

I earned a PhD in Human-Centered Computing and an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech. During my PhD, I undertook research internships at both Meta and the Mayo Clinic and also had the privilege of serving as a visiting scientist at Northwell Health.

Research Areas: Human-AI Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Digital Mental Health


Sep 2023 - Our paper "Missed Opportunities for Human-Centered AI Research: Understanding Stakeholder Collaboration in Mental Health AI Research" is accepted at PACM-HCI (CSCW). This work will be presented at CSCW 2024.