Designing Dashboards for Campus Stakeholders to Support College Student Mental Health

Dong Whi Yoo, Munmun De Choudhury


Stakeholders, such as college campus administrators and clinicians, are committed to alleviating students’ mental health concerns and the campus’ mental health climate, however, suffer from a lack of timely and actionable information. Research has revealed that students’ personal data, such as self-tracking and social media data, can provide in-situ insights about their mental health states. However, how these data can support stakeholders’ goals remains unexplored. We examined the potential of user-centered technology in addressing this challenge. We interviewed campus administrators and clinicians to understand their needs and current practices. Then through a paper prototype, we gathered design suggestions for stakeholder-facing dashboards. We generated three design implications through our studies: that social media can be a useful resource for understanding student mental health; that the dashboards need to be simple, but reveal meaningful relationships between data types of interest; and that ethical considerations need to be salient in the design.